Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hard to believe it's already time to recap our summer highlights. It really went by so quickly.

June started off with a bang! Well, more like two painful "CLICKS." Jillian finally wore me down and I consented to getting her ears pierced. And I must say I've been really impressed. She has cleaned her ears faithfully and we've passed the three month mark without any infection or irritation. This picture was taken just after the tears started drying up. It hurt but she was so brave. Way to go Birdie, momma's proud!

We also took a trip to Michigan to see her Uncle Barry, Aunt Carol and cousins Val, Blake and Delaney. She was thrilled Uncle Barry let her drive his boat. And Lansing has a seriously fun zoo. Kind of fun to take her to places where her cousins played as children.

July started off in the right direction. South! We had our annual beach trip with another part of the Hintz clan.

Jillian couldn't get enough of the waves. And each day they got bigger and rougher. Lucky girl has lots of cousin's that did a great job of tossing her high in the air.......over and over....and over. Thank you Nathan, Lucas, Lindsay and Sam who probably pulled the most wave duty.

She also filled her time this summer with ballet camps. She attended one with a Superhero theme and also one about fairy tales. In addition to ballet camp she went to Camp Tekoa in Hendersonville. Same camp that my mom, my Aunt, my brother and I attended as children. Keeping the tradition alive!

One of the biggest events of the summer was learning to ride her bike. It really was so wonderful to be able to share that with her. Frank and I missed lots of "firsts" those first 16 months of life, but not this one! And it's on video as well, so I'll be showing that every chance I get. (If you're on Facebook it's on there already)

And Jillian and Frank spent their usual time playing in ridiculously chilly water. I'm happy to be there on the banks to snap the pictures.

She was also able to spend time with her Uncle Gordon when he came up with Uncle Chad for a summer visit.

There were lots of fun moments with friends and anything water related.

And my girl is growing up way too fast. Here she is on her first day of Kindergarten!!!! Jillian was fortunate to be able to share such an exciting day with her friend Aidan. Not only is his family here in our same neighborhood, but the kids were in the same class, at their Montessori school, for three years. Now, as they head into year four together Frank's "keeping his eye on Aidan." ; ) They are so stinking cute together aren't they.

We also had a great time at the Western NC State Fair. It was our fourth year and keeps getting more fun each year. As usual we teamed up with other local families with daughters from China. And mom even joined Jillian in the arm painting experience this year.

Well.....that should catch you up for now. It was a great summer and so glad we could share some of the highlights. Now it's time to rest.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everyone's great here. Jillian continues to wow us and we are looking forward to a fun summer. Here are the highlights of the last few months.

Taking care of Wallace just like she used to take care of Luray....

Her new scooter....

Fun at the park with Jenna.....

Playing with Jenna at the local kids museum...

Here they are playing veterinarians....

Then came Easter. Jillian managed to get an egg with money in it at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt!

Here she is at church putting a flower in the flower cross.

And as soon as Spring had sprung we headed outdoors for lots of fun....

Jillian is also enjoying her Grandmommy's new house. It's in a quaint little community that has a lake, chickens and turkeys, goats to feed and strangely enough an albino peacock which is absolutely beautiful.

We also went to see a friend at the beach. The weather was warm, but very foggy. So while we didn't get to spend much time playing on the beach we did manage to find lots of shells on our afternoon walks.

Jillian had a great time, even after falling in the water when a wave knocked her legs out from under her. She looks mad here, but she was actually just letting the water run off her arms. We had quite a few giggles over it.

And once the weather warmed up again here in the mountains we spent an afternoon picnicing up at Max Patch. It's an amazing bald about an hour away. The AT (Appalachian Trail) crosses it and so you get to see all sorts of folks, from families flying kites to grungy backpackers to horseback riders. The views are spectacular. And Wallace did well on his first visit to one of our favorite spots.

And last but not least Jillian had her ballet recital last weekend. She's in a class of about seven girls. They were crazy cute and did really well considering they're only around 5-6 years old. She wants to dance at least one more year so she can get a trophy. And I'm just a proud momma. I just admire her so much for sticking with it and being so brave up in front of all those people. Lord knows I was not a girlie girl at her age and you couldn't have gotten me up on a stage for all the candy in the world.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So sorry it's been so long since my last post. Here are some pictures to catch up with the latest Jillian happenings.

November's hightlight included Jillian's 5th birthday!

This unicorn was one of her favorite gifts.

We spent Thanksgiving in Charlottesville with Frank's family and managed to get this great family photo on the first take.

Jillian loved these boots this winter.

We had another terrific year for snow. It was a headache at times but certainly helped the kids hone their sledding skills.

Wellllll sort of....

But they kept at it....this is Jillian with Lilly C. and Lilli S.

This picture was taken Christmas morning when Jillian had on her new nightgown and new robe while playing her new guitar.

Jillian also got her first sleepover sleeping bag from her Godmother, which was a huge hit!

And at the beginning of January we all got a treat when we added Wallace to the family. He is a rescue and about 3 years old. Amazing dog and he fits right in. Very naturally a happy boy. And sweet beyond description.

I love this picture of he and Halle watching the snow come down between rays of sunlight.

This is pretty much the scene whenever Jillian watches TV. One dog for each hand.

We did have some sadness when The Steelers lost the Superbowl in February. But Jillian was right there cheering them on despite a rough game.

And one other activity has been added this year in addition to ballet....Jillian has enjoyed being in the Cherub Choir at our church. Although I do confess that while she sings a lot at home she tends to enjoy looking around more when up in front of the congregation. ; )

Until next time........